• Smart home control by Schlüter-Systems

    With the apps Schlüter-LED-Color-Control and Schlüter-HEAT-CONTROL, you can conveniently manage the LED illumination of Schlüter-LIPROTEC and the electrical heating system Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E with your smartphone or tablet.


For iOS and Android: Apps by Schlüter-Systems

Light control app



Schlüter-LIPROTEC makes light installation super easy. And now, thanks to the new Schlüter-LED-Color-Control app, you can also control your lighting in style.

Light profiles that are equipped with LED strips of the LT ES 9 series can display over 16.7 million colours – with easy remote control of these light strips from any location. That's made possible by the Schlüter-LED-Color-Control app, which allows for setting and selecting up to 16 favourite colour scences via quick access. In addition, 42 different colour sequences are preprogrammed and can be played at variable speeds. The LED strips are controlled via Bluetooth. The Schlüter-LIPROTEC-EBR receiver was specifically developed for this purpose and can be fitted into small spaces.

The Bluetooth app is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices.

Overview of Schlüter-LED-Color-Control:

  • Easy light control from any location - thanks to Bluetooth
  • Memory function for up to 16 favourite colour scenes
  • 42 preprogrammed colour sequences

Schlüter-LED-Color-Control (Android)


Flexible heating via app


Schlüter-HEAT-CONTROL The electrical heating system Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E offers the option to create specific heated areas in floors and walls, combined with the benefits of the uncoupling mat Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT. The thermostat DITRA-HEAT-E-R-WIFI offers a choice for switching the heating system on and off or setting temperature levels: you can either directly control your heating system via touchscreen or dynamically choose your preferred settings in the Schlüter-HEAT-CONTROL app.

No matter how you want to set up your Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E heating system – the Schlüter-HEAT-CONTROL app can be accessed via wireless or mobile phone networks to give you maximum flexibility. With Schlüter-HEAT-CONTROL, you can simply control your heating system from anywhere.

Schlüter-HEAT-CONTROL is a free app for use with the thermostat DITRA-HEAT-E-R-WIFI.

Overview of Schlüter-HEAT-CONTROL:

  • Save energy by only heating your home when necessary.
  • Find your living space pleasantly preheated whenever you come home.
  • Flexibly adjust your heating schedule from anywhere.

Schlüter-HEAT-CONTROL (Android)